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“Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.”
― Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Recently, it was Arbitrary Day on Reddit and whilst I missed it, I signed up for a re-match! So a few days ago I got the person that I’m supposed to send a gift too and had great fun this evening wandering around the craft section of The Range and for once not buying any crafty bits for myself!

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Arbitrary Day is the 25th June each year (but they have lots of other gift swapping things going on too!) and it basically gives you the freedom to give any gift rather than their themed days such as Keyrings or Gnomes (how awesome!) You get to see the other persons likes and dislikes and go from there. Since I doubt she’ll ever find the blog, I can post it here and not ruin the surprise….


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“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.”
― Santosh Kalwar

I’m trying very hard to read The Museum of Extraordinary Things but it’s a tad hard-going when you’ve just finished things like The Summer Without You and other such summery easy reads! That being said I plan to spend a good hour this evening getting through the book so that I can move on to the next one. I treated myself to a Paper Panda beginners Paper-cutting kit today to see if I can get into something crafty in my free time. (I have free time now!) I haven’t quite found that creative ‘Niche’ yet despite spending a bit of time last Summer indulging in jewellery making (which I will get back into shortly!)

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So the photos today are just a couple of generic shots taken in the garden when the sun was at a good point early evening. Sometimes these flowers don’t look like much until the sun beams through them and highlights the inner detail. Emotive! I used photoshop to add a misty feel to the atmosphere and that was pretty much it aside from removing some pesky dust spots that keep creeping in my lens. Apparently I should spend more time on my current hobby rather than hunting out new ones ;)


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