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“The lights are off and the sun if finally setting, the night sky is changing overhead”
― Tegan Quin

There are actually only 79 days until Christmas! How exciting! Which means you should probably think about buying presents – which of course means that a 2015 Calendar would make the perfect gift! They are selling fast as well – check out the information here.

In other news it’s lovely and warm in our house because we decided to test the heating (don’t trust the builders) and the hallway radiator has no dial on it so it’s full heat constantly! We are so lucky….. ! ;)

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“If one day the speed kills me don’t be sad because i will have died smiling”
― Paul Walker

As much as a I love winter, it only takes a weekend of Sunshine to make me realise how much I miss Summer. This weekend was absolutely beautiful with the temperatures today hitting 19 degrees c at some points. Of course, that made it car washing weather and even the prospect of there being a little floodwater around next week to mess it all up again – couldn’t deter us!



It took a good many hours, and lots of cleaning products from Halfords and at the end we had the realization that it would have taken less time and money to get both cars cleaned inside and out by the local car wash people. Who were closed today. But still!  It was fun and Buddy enjoyed the time outside. Even though he had to keep stopping for water because it was so warm! The day was made up of car washing, essay finishing and sunglass purchasing. It was that kind of weekend.



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