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It’s a new year – wishing all of my blog followers and anyone happening to drop by and read this – a very Happy 2018! I was full of ideas and resolutions for the coming year, so much so that it was overwhelming trying to focus on what to do first. I thought of the places I could go today – the sea, Stonehenge, a local walk – and then the decision was made and the choice obvious. We headed to the Meadow, where else would we go to blow away the cobwebs?

The dogs had great fun and the last time they were all together on the meadow was in November, so it was lovely to see them running around and enjoying the mud. It was also one of the few rare times in the past twelve months that I got the camera out ‘just because.’

In 2017 we had great fun capturing Weddings, anniversary parties and even recreated a wedding shoot for a lovely new bride and groom. But we lost our creative selves. With moving house and fighting ill health, writing essays and juggling commitments, photography got lost along the way. It was a shame because no matter what had been going on in my life in the past, when times were tough, photography was an outlet. There wasn’t space and room enough for that in the past year. So that’s a good place to start with regards to resolutions.

1.) Make more time so that other resolutions can be achieved

2.) If one works out the rest shall follow – more time on the meadow, more time with the camera, more time relaxing…more time.

It won’t be entirely easy – I think most of us wish for more time and secretly hope there will be a box of it wrapped neatly under the Christmas tree. In a few weeks time the second module of my second year into a Social Work degree begins. With it comes a placement at work for around four to five months, which in itself is nerve wracking but even more so since I start a new role with a new team tomorrow. June will bring a family wedding (positive) and my law exam (not so!) and the chance to see if my brain will retain enough information to scrape a pass. It will have been four years that month since I last sat an exam – it feels like decades ago.

One of my goals last year was to read sixty books (this didn’t include by university books!) I got in at the end of the year with a few last minute reads and managed a grand total of 79 books. This was with great thanks to NetGalley and in particular the publisher Canelo, who have given me free reign over their upcoming releases. Can’t wait to review a few more in 2018!

This is also the year for friends to have babies! There will be lots of bundles of joy and happiness born throughout the year and it will be amazing to see new chapters in friends lives open up. I’m excited to see what this year will bring, certainties and uncertainties.

P.S…This isn’t the start of a ‘photo-a-day’ challenge…at least, I don’t think so! But let’s try the 52 week Photography challenge this year…

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“Rainbows apologize for angry skies.”
~Sylvia Voirol

And although it has passed – in its wake it leaves a lot of devastation and destruction. The noise last night was incredible, we even heard as large trees fell onto flats just a mile or so away. Power lines are down this morning, flood waters have risen again and everywhere, there is either trees, limbs, branches or debris to contend with.

1 12stockbridge

Further afield there are reports of sinkholes, somebody has died on a cruise ship after it was hit by a freak wave, people enjoying a valentines meal on the coast last night had to be evacuated with care due to the pebbles and rocks being picked up and thrown around.

10clatford 9clatford

It’s pretty bad. But today the sun is shining, the wind has died down (a little) and the rain has stopped. This might finally be the reprieve that we need. More rain is forecast tonight but not nearly as bad as the last week and hopefully this will give the local flooded communities a chance to recover.

8clatford 7stockbridge 6stockbridgeA whole line of trees have fallen onto power lines just a mile away with many of the cables down on the ground, hidden by the debris and foliage around them. It’s quite precarious, and more trees will fall before the day is done.








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