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“I know a little more how much a simple thing like a snowfall can mean to a person”
― Sylvia Plath

I’m doing it again. Blogging out of sync! I can’t help it. When you don’t need to find the photographs, the photographs find you instead. And with a bit of a snowfall overnight it seemed only natural to get a few photographs up to celebrate!



We think it was Maisy’s first snowfall. It was definitely the first one that anyone had played with her during that was for sure. Before work started we launched snowballs at her in the garden which she absolutely loved – but ended up covered in.

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The weekend was cold and sunny, a walk on the meadow gave some great images and here are just a handful to share. I decided to test out the new camera and in particular the Panoramic function — although I’m getting a new iPhone tomorrow so new camera syndrome all over again!

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There was no more snow overnight, but we’re forecast a small amount tomorrow – still there was plenty of chances to grab some photographs! We headed out to Romsey and the back through the villages which were very ice and snow covered – but beautiful.



Buddy also frolicked in the snow a bit more, baffled at the fact that snowballs disappeared into the thick snowfall and he ended up eating most of it. He also liked to chase Star around the garden which made her turn into quite the puppy!



Thatched cottages in the villages had extensive icicles hanging from their rooves – which was quite fascinating. The water dripping from the thatch had formed the fringes of icicles on every single cottage.



There was also a pile of sheep! An actual pile! The farmers had tossed some hay into a field, obviously hadn’t broken it down, and so the sheep had climbed up the hay to get the best bits of food and get away from the snow.


Late yesterday afternoon I got some shots of Buddy and my sister playing in the snow too, it was too late to share them yesterday but here they are today! Buddy once again eating snowballs and looking bemused at everything!





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