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“Writing is like painting. You sketch it, add colour, add depth and detail. You give it a final layer and then hang it proudly.”
― Kia Carrington-Russell

I’ve been writing a bit more, here and there. I know I keep moaning about the lack of internet – but since I switch it off other than for the essentials, I’ve taken to being able to type away into the computer and write nonsense. Bit like this blog really! I’ve also been picking out some new quotes – 365 photos is one challenge, but 365 unique quotes is another! Today’s photos sum up the weather at the moment across the UK pretty much – Autumnal and Grey… Actually now I’ve properly looked at the photos they’re pretty vibrant considering… the joys of Instagram!

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“It is good people who make good places.”
― Anna Sewell

I took some photos last night, so this blog is a combination of today and yesterday since it all shows weather and how amazing it’s been lately! This morning the oilseed rape fields were in full bloom so that and the sunshine made for a beautiful shot. Then there was the sunrise just before that too!



Yesterday, after a day of that misty type of rain (all day!) the sun broke through in the evening and lit up the garden in the most beautiful way. It was absolutely incredible to go from dull grey to gorgeous warm sun and blossoms.





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