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“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”
― Norman Maclean

Today, although the road was flooded, we ventured onto the meadow to survey the damage. The road that I photographed yesterday evening was a river today – still only just passable. Local people were treating it like a fairground attraction, with quad bikes racing through and people posing in front of the flood water for photographs.



The meadow itself has joined the river that ‘used’ to run alongside it. A huge tree has fallen on the river bank and completely covers the river which has probably contributed to a lot of the flooding. Mini Islands have formed, and there’s no way of getting across without submerging yourself in water almost up to your knees.




Buddy loved it. Usually not one for water, he was bounding in and out of every new lake and is now sitting in his bed mournfully looking at his completely sodden fur and probably wishing he hadn’t bothered! Buddy is one of those dogs that tries to lick himself dry after getting soaked.






Back out on the road afterwards, people were starting to become a bit more sensible and were turning around rather than ploughing through the river that once was the road. Luckily, this area is designed for flooding and the water meadows either side (one being ours!) are there to help ease the water. However it’s beyond that now. But there are no nearby houses which is a saving grace at least! Below is the level of water – that used to be a road beneath all that – and it was almost (but luckily not quite!) coming in the car door when the door was opened…





The Bee Keeper who uses a bit of our meadow for a couple of hives, was down there probably rescuing them! Luckily they’re perched on an island surrounded by water, but it doesn’t bode well given what we’re forecast over the coming week.


We’re almost at forty days of blogging, and forty days of rain. I hope that in the coming months I will have less wet things to Photograph – but the 365 challenge is about blogging what’s in front of you so whilst that’s happening I shall continue!




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“Faster, Higher, Stronger.”
-Olympic Motto

I felt a little despondent about the upcoming Paralympics a few days ago when I heard that the Olympic torch passed through the town – at least eight hours after the event. There was no publicity, nothing to say that it was happening. It came and went and you were lucky to see it if you were in the area at the time.

After the success of the London 2012 Olympics, I really hope that the same attention to detail is given to the Paralympics. The medalists from Team GB are being hailed as Super Humans, but realistically the Super Humans are those who have overcome adverse conditions, loss of limbs and whatever else to be there, tonight, at the opening ceremony and for the next two weeks competing.
My faith was restored somewhat after listening to an uplifting interview with Channel 4 Paralympics Presenter Daraine Mulvihill. I wrote my blog in my head on the way home after hearing her on the radio. Her excitement and her own personal story that took her to where she was today was inspiring.
Daraine was a cross country runner with several medals to her name when she contracted meningitis at the age of sixteen. She had both of her legs amputated below the knee and lost all of her fingers. She runs on blades now, and if there is ever a presenter than can empathize and really know what the athletes are going through – she’s the one.

I also had a spare half an hour at lunchtime and against my better judgement, bought Hello! magazine after seeing a six page spread on the elite British Athletes of the 2012 Paralympics. So I’m buoyed once more to be behind my country all the way, and I hope that wherever you are – you might also spare the time to catch up on the Paralympics and support your respective teams. Let’s watch Oscar Pistorius take that gold and Jason Smyth keep his title of the ‘Fastest Paralympian on Earth…’ and let’s be proud of how far we’ve come not only as countries but as human beings.

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