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So you might notice that some of my photos from the last few days have disappeared. This is because this evening, when I went to upload my photographs, WordPress told me that my blog limit had been reached. (Image limit). I was quite stunned. So I started deleting photos, not realising they would delete from my posts. I have, in the past two years, uploaded 4,067 photographs to this blog. It’s astounding. So I thought, that’s fine, I’ll just ‘up’ my limit. Only when I did….I found out that it would cost $99. I love my blog, I love photography and I appreciate every single follower I have. But I can’t justify such an expense at the moment.

Today I photographed the sunset and snowdrops – but I can’t share them. I may well post them on Facebook. But I feel like that’s empty without the blog backing it all up, and without the words I carefully planned to write with it…

-Watch this space – let’s hope it increases!

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