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“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

– John Wooden

Not only do I have an amazing Dad, I also have an awesome Grandad – and at the beginning of this year we didn’t think we would have another month with him let alone all the way through to Father’s Day. We’ve had some great moments, and we are still having them which makes everything all the more special…


Yesterday I did some experimental photographs, trying to get back into the swing of the whole ‘photography for enjoyment’ situation. I think it paid off a little, and today my watermark had a refresh so I had to test that too…

1fleur 1spidey ladybirdwatermarked

Once again my water spraying techniques were disrupted by Maisy who insisted that she put the nozel in her mouth and took all the spray, she’s a weird one!



Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, and the Grandad’s too… !


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“There’s no need to wait for the bad things and bullshit to be over. Change now. Love now. Live now. ”
― Kris Carr,

I always said that one of the best photography tools I have is my bottle of ‘spray’ water. You can use it to spice up flowers and nature photography or create artificial rain when you really don’t want the real stuff. It’s great – until you have a dog that you didn’t realise absolutely adores the things…

003 006 002 007 008 (No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post!) Once we’d got over the excitement, or rather Maisy had, I was able to get a few creative droplet shots but to be honest once she took over the camera it was much more entertaining!

010 009 004

016 013 005

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