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“Life is more fragile and precious than I can comprehend, but believe me, I’m trying.”
― John O’Callaghan

You see it all the time. At least, you do here. Death. It lies in the roads, on the edges of motorways, in the gutters…Whilst it seems so very small and unimportant – it’s still a stark acknowledgement of the absence of life. Birds, squirrels, foxes, badgers….deer…roadkill.

So why was I shocked to see the delicateness of a tiny Swallow Bird with a broken wing? Why did I actually feel just a tiny little bit helpless at this thing that was beyond my control. When my parents brought it home in a cardboard box, I did take pictures…yes… but at the same time, I felt so very sorry. And it was really ‘just a bird.’


For some of the time, whilst I watched, its eyes closed and it didn’t quite want to open them again. It was giving up. For a broken wing it was giving up on life. Then I realised quite how important that small part was for survival, for existence and for fight (and flight). Would you also give up, if that one thing that kept you going, was no longer useable?




My sister took the Swallow to the local Vet who were hopeful they could do something to help the broken wing. Swallows are a beautiful bird, their numbers have decreased considerably over the years. As I learned from my Father today, they don’t much like to perch on things – so he created a makeshift temporary home with a cardboard box that had a garden cane pushed through it – perfect Swallow perching homeliness.

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