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“Weather forecast: Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.”
― George Carlin

I love those mornings when it’s not quite frosty, but it’s cold enough to give a lovely chill in the air. After the stormy weather of yesterday, there was a surprising calm across the Valley this morning. The air was quite still, the rain had stopped and the ground actually looked pretty dry.

Elsewhere, people haven’t been so lucky. In Somerset a driver has died after getting stuck in flood waters. Parts of Oxford are under water. The Gales are predicted to hit 100mph in some areas. In a country where we’re not used to that, it’s quite scary.

Nevertheless, this morning, the calm after the storm as it is, is peaceful. Yesterday, a Costa Coffee Cup flew past the car as I was driving. Here that’s serious business! There wasn’t a Costa Coffee for about fifteen miles…

There’s a certain light in the mornings when there’s raindrops on trees, that offsets them beautifully and makes it quite pretty. I managed to capture that just briefly in between trying to get the dog to pose on the steps in the freezing cold garden – and hanging out of the upstairs skylight window to capture the sunrise. The things we do for photography…

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“There are your fog people & your sun people,” he said. “I said I wasn’t sure which kind I was.” He nodded. “Fog’ll do that to you.”
― Brian Andreas

The fog worked to an advantage  today, whilst it hung around for all my work driving and meetings, it dispersed by the time I got home just for a few seconds so that I could capture that hazy sunny glow between Autumn colours and foggy air. Then the fog came again.

But it was enough of a gap to grab some shots whilst walking Buddy, and hoping for the best! My camera did some strange things and it was getting very cold, so I didn’t brave it for too long, but a very brisk hour was enough.

The rest of the evening is going to be spent pretending to do some studying but secretly just refreshing the results page on my university website in the hopes that my result gets released. I thought I was smart getting my assignment in ahead of time – by a whole week – it was marked and returned within a day. Only they won’t release it until the cut off for everybody else, understandably. The wait is agonising!

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