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“And the needles of the pine trees, freshly washed to a deep, rich green, shimmered with droplets that blinked like clear crystals.”
― Billie Letts

Other than throwing out statistics such as how many days left until Christmas e.t.c it’s very hard to find signs of December in August. But I accepted the challenge anyway! 1


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“Normal is all relative.”
― Alethea Kontis

Yesterday we moved the last of my furniture into the house and finished tweaking and putting up various bits and pieces. Unfortunately (or fortunately sometimes!) I’m such a home focused person that it was emotional and difficult – even more so this morning being back in my childhood room using the computer to write this blog with a lot of the things that made it my room missing. That will be one of the pulls over the coming weeks as I battle to continue with this challenge against the unfortunate situation of no internet (or phoneline!) in the new house until the builders decide to sort themselves out and co-operate with BT. Not to mention missing my parents (and Buddy) like crazy already and I haven’t even gone yet. I’ll only be five minutes down the road, it’s a lot tougher for William who has relocated miles and miles but it still feels quite painful to be ‘going’ even though I can be back here everyday for hours and hours if I want to.


Rooms are funny things, they can hold hopes and dreams, thoughts and fears for countless years. Mine has done. It has been a little cocoon in a beautiful childhood home surrounded by very supportive and loving parents and family which make it very hard to make that leap and go properly without feeling tearful and as if something isn’t quite right. William told me recently that we’ve got our respective ‘rooms’ in the houses we grew up in and now we get to spread those important parts and bits we’ve grown up with amongst a whole house. It’s a nice thought and one we’re working hard on – the house felt a bit like a home yesterday when I arrived and bits and pieces were already there that we’d been putting up for the last few weeks. But indeed,  my childhood house stills feels like a home and I hope that never changes over the years to come. The important people within that house will, I imagine, feel closer and closer despite being a tiny bit further apart than we’re used to.



Forgive me if my blogs are a little pictorial and less wordy over the coming weeks until I find my feet again and my words. I will start to prioritise the important things and visits ‘home’ will be spent catching up with my parents and hugging Buddy – and although the blogs may become less frequent, rest assured that I will be capturing a photo-a-day regardless and will share them as soon as possible.

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