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“Don’t close the curtains too early, you don’t know what you might miss…”

WordPress are crafty. They make you think the only option is to spend a million pounds (or twice as many dollars!) in order to rescue your blog from doom. Instead, for a mere $20 I can upgrade to 10gb of storage space a year. Excellent. Problem solved, in the meantime I really should stick to one photograph a day in order to stop this happening again! 4,067 photographs in just two years is absolutely terrible! I must have taken 10 times that amount as only a few ever made the final cut.


This does mean however, that the blog needs to pay for itself. So I’m going to have to set myself the target of earning at least $12 from photographs, a year. Possible? I hope so! ;)


Anyway, what I really wanted to blog earlier, was a sunset and some snowdrops. So here they are! The sunset was proof that you should never close the curtains too early in case you miss something. I was going to close the curtains, then I decided to wait!




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“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.”
― Bram Stoker

Sometimes, things work out just right – despite you thinking for sure that they aren’t going to go your way! After a fairly difficult week it was nice to get a reprieve from the negative. We set off with the aim of getting to the sea. It blows away the dustiest of cobwebs and is wonderfully rejuvenating and refreshing. The sun was shining, the weather cold but crisp – and it was the perfect condition for some Photography.



However, I didn’t properly prepare. We ended up Photographing on quite a budget after I only took a debit card and a handful of coins with me! Beach car parks, in the middle of pretty much nowhere, cost money! Despite being in the middle of nowhere, car park attendants were present too.(Not below, that’s William and the sunset reflection in his lens!)


So after finding out that our handful of coins wasn’t enough, and our card wouldn’t be suitable, we chanced it anyway and shoved what we did have in the machine. It worked! Luck was on our side.



So when you are photographing on a limited budget, the world becomes your prop! You make use of everything that it throws your way, shells, sand, sea and even….discarded alcohol bottles!


Luck was also on our side when we headed home and took a wrong turn, ending up coming back to the beach past some marshy flats that were well and truly covered with water. It was the stillest most perfect reflection and sunset that I’ve ever witnessed. The sort where people driving by couldn’t help but leap out of their cars with their phones and snap away…I couldn’t wait to share today’s shots because of the below…

23sea 22sea 21sea 20sea 19sea 18sea 17sea 14sea 12sea


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