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“…dark furrow lines grid the snow, punctuated by orange abacus beads of pumpkins – now the crows own the field…”
― John Geddes

Well yesterday’s blog didn’t post when I wanted to because it hadn’t posted when I shut the computer down – our wireless dongle is struggling and it’s a chore just to get the photos sent over to the laptop in order to post a blog. Today it has taken 45 minutes and I’ve written the blog and still the photos are not here… 1I’m not sure how much longer the challenge can continue when the technology just isn’t up to it – and there’s no sign of internet or a phone line on the horizon. The internet we do have renews every month but we’re not even halfway through this one and there’s not much left… watch this space…


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“You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.”
Denzel Washington

Yesterday’s post of the almost frost didn’t seem to go down very well! So hopefully today’s will improve on that – rain, rain and more rain. It hasn’t stopped today but luckily we’ve had less rain than predicted, and certainly less than the worse hit areas of the country.

So today was spent in the warm, working on my website. Which really means William worked on it, and I helped (not so much!) If you fancy checking it out, all sorts of things have changed. Head over to KathrynDawson.co.uk.

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