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“Home is the nicest word there is.”
― Laura Ingalls Wilder

 We have been planning to buy our first house for a good few months now, and we beat the alleged  hoards of people waiting on the plot that we wanted, and secured our reservation back in March. However due to the nature of the plot and the section 106 agreements, it was uncertain whether the Halifax would begin lending the mortgages on the plot and therefore we had a long and tedious wait (as they are the only lenders!) Towards mid April we received the good news that we could apply, and went ahead. The estate is brand shiny new on the outskirts of the local town, and the houses are beautiful. There are lots of facilities planned such as an Urban Park, football pitches, pub, community centre, school, tennis courts, cricket pitches and a sports complex. It’s situated on the edge of a busy motorway, but also on the edge of a beautiful forest – it has the best of both worlds.

This week, after the long Easter break and even more waiting for that amazing news that our mortgage offer had been made, we received it! Therefore after weeks of peeking at the plot and looking at the site, we allowed ourselves to finally get excited and start taking photographs! Our house is semi-detached and is the middle one in the photograph below…




We even managed to find someone who worked on site (and it’s a huge site with an expected 1500 houses in the future) who kindly sought out our plot and took front and back photographs for us. So we have those to share too – (ignore the For Sale sign!)

house back


So now the exciting bit has begun, we’ve chosen a dining table and chairs today and we’ve ordered a sofa. Picking out colours for things is insanely difficult and we’ve had to make a hundred decisions in the last few weeks, more than in our whole lives put together!  But it’s nice at the same time, sad because we’re both moving on from our childhood homes but prospective for the future and for the things to come. We’ll keep things updated here as progress on the build continues and we hope (fingers crossed) for completion and build to finish in June!

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