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“I figured something out. The future is unpredictable.”
― John Green

My last post was about Grandad and was on Father’s day – so it’s only fitting my next post starts with him as well! It’s funny how priorities and outcomes change as time goes on. Last year, when he went into hospital, our end goal was for him to go home. Gradually we’ve had to refocus our targets and have learned that sometimes the next best thing will have to be acceptable. The good news is that Grandad is coming ‘home’ in some respects, to a local nursing home. I hope that nobody has to go through seven months of hospitals because it has been gruelling.

The weather has been great. June into July was warm and we’ve just had the occasional (much needed) bouts of rain. I don’t recall when the last ‘proper’ Summer like this was, but it was way too long ago! Maisy has been once again enjoying a quick spell with the hose pipe…

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One of my closest friends gets married in a couple of weeks and I had my first experience of a Hen do! It was…hilarious…


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That pretty much sums up the photographs from the last little while, I’ve mostly taken iPhone shots here and there and Wedding season is in full swing so there’s that to contend with as well!

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“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
― Robert Frost

If my camera had an in-built temperature reading device thingy, it would be shivering right now! Today has been cold and it started with a very heavy frost, something that is usually rare the day after bonfire night!

I found a leaf, just the one leaf, balanced quite neatly on my parents car. So when I headed out to go shopping in -1 degrees air (that’s right! And this is England!) I decided to snap a few bits as I went.

I started the Christmas shopping in earnest today, which was a great diversion from uni book reading and essay writing (back to that tomorrow though!) I was amazed at how quickly the shops made a turn around from Halloween and Bonfire night and launched straight into Christmas. Baffling how they manage it overnight!

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