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It’s April…the middle of April in fact, which means that it’s been over two months since my last blog entry. Shocking… In those two months lots has happened, photos have been taken and time has just sped by so quickly. Is that a symptom of getting older? I feel like it was years since we were on holiday in the USA, when in reality it’s only six months…

So what’s happening…well…we decided to move house! It wasn’t something we ever thought we would be doing this year or maybe even next year, but we started viewing houses just to ‘see’ and the third house was just perfect. I think it’s safe to write about now because we are far far down the line with paperwork, searches, mortgage applications and transfer deeds e.t.c but you just never know what might happen. So fingers crossed… The house we are moving to is only ten minutes away from where we are now, but a different side of town heading towards the village that I grew up in. It’s bigger…four bedrooms, more space and just in the best condition to move into which is good when things are so hectic in other areas of our lives!

I’m halfway through my first year as a Social Work Student, courtesy of my employer who is footing the bill… That has been a challenge in itself, getting back into essay writing, balancing deadlines, going to tutorials…but it’s fun and I love being back on the education scene. We’ve already done a Wedding this year (sneak peak below) at a new location for us which was a great adventure, and we have a couple more lined up but we’re much quieter this year as I want to focus on the fun photography (and studying!)

So there we go…a few photos taken here and there, meadow trips, garden improvements….it still amazes me how in three years we’ve gone from a blank slate of a garden, a small patch of dirt…to an established amount of plants and shrubs. I think that’s one of the sadder things about moving, for us, although we’re moving upwards on the housing ladder, we’re not moving to a brand new house where we can decide how everything is going to be. Regardless though, we’ve done that once – don’t want to go back to the days of snagging and decorating cracks again!

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“The most important thing in the world is family and love.”

– John Wooden

Not only do I have an amazing Dad, I also have an awesome Grandad – and at the beginning of this year we didn’t think we would have another month with him let alone all the way through to Father’s Day. We’ve had some great moments, and we are still having them which makes everything all the more special…


Yesterday I did some experimental photographs, trying to get back into the swing of the whole ‘photography for enjoyment’ situation. I think it paid off a little, and today my watermark had a refresh so I had to test that too…

1fleur 1spidey ladybirdwatermarked

Once again my water spraying techniques were disrupted by Maisy who insisted that she put the nozel in her mouth and took all the spray, she’s a weird one!



Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there, and the Grandad’s too… !


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