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“And rain will make the flowers grow…”

We hoped to find some Bluebell Woods this evening, but it didn’t quite happen. Instead we had a bit of an adventure with sheep, sunsets, hail stones and pretty fields! There were also some (very shy) Deer but sometimes moments like that are best for the eye and not the camera.

We did find some Bluebells (eventually) but they weren’t really camera ready and the light was fading fast. We’ve pin-pointed some spots to return to in the future when the weather decides to co-operate!

Today would be Grandad’s 88th Birthday – he almost made it that far. It seemed fitting that today I grabbed a few photos and did what I absolutely used to love doing – wandered. Grandad was one of my biggest fans and an avid follower of this blog until he became too unwell to keep track of it. I still showed him my photos, everytime I saw him, even when he was at the Nursing Home. Photography was something we loved talking about and he never forgot to ask what I had captured lately. So these photos are in honour of him and the importance of the 16th April, which was nearly always spent celebrating ‘our’ Birthdays as mine is in four days time!


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“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
― L.M. Montgomery

It has only just started to get cold – October is a little bit of a Moctober so far…threatening the frost, the chills and the Autumn colours but not quite delivering them. The good weather gave us a great chance to clear up the meadow and take some photos – three days on the meadow meant that some great shots were gathered! Dogs are tired too which is always an added bonus… So enjoy a little of an English Moctober…







Maisy and Buddy have known each other for almost a year – in fact we’ve known Maisy for almost a year and it has flown past. 2015 has been a bit of a blur in stages and as we enter the last few months I’m keen to grab some more photos to round up the year. Maisy has flourished and enjoys the meadow as much as Buddy does, as long as a tennis ball is involved. She’s started fishing too – or trying to. Her place is by the lake, watching and waiting. I wish life was that simple for adults!






I find more and more these days that I’m taking snaps on my iPhone. I hate it and love it at the same time. Photography is so much more accessible, and the camera is pretty good – and yet I neglect to properly head out with the camera when I’m always snapping. I try as often as I can to make a ‘proper’ camera effort – so these are all DSLR shots.








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