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“My mom says that when it rains you never feel like you should be anywhere but home.”
― Elise Broach

It didn’t stop raining from start to finish today. I woke up to mist and cold and rain and probably will go to sleep with the same going on outside the window! The seasons have definitely changed – which is fantastic!

I’m always fascinated by what the rain and early morning dew highlights to the human eye. The cobwebs in particular always strike me as being very beautiful – yet when I’m inside, and find one, it’s the end of the world!


So everything I photographed today was done so by kneeling at the patio doors (inside) and point the camera out to the steps with the macro lens attached. The result was – intriguing to say the least. The steps are lower in the garden and so it turfed up lots of unusual scenes at eye level.

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