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“Young as the morning…Old as the sea…”

On the eve of my Birthday, we decided on an impromptu trip to the seaside. Lepe is one of my favourite places (this side of the solent at least) and it is the closest point to the Isle of Wight. So it’s much cheaper paying the £2.30 car park charge rather than the extortionate ferry prices to get across to the other side. Nevertheless, we have a week over there planned next month which will be nice!

So yes, Lepe… the coast is beautiful but just around the corner, on the road out, is an even more stunning view. This beautiful marshy coastal area has been the focus of many blogs across the years, and everytime we get there it looks different or we see a different vantage point. Today was no exception…

There were things we didn’t capture, like the reflection of the sunset on a hidden lake in the New Forest, or the Mother and baby deer staring at us curiously from a field of Oilseed Rape… the things that have you reaching for the camera but are actually that much better when you’re not squinting at them through a view-finder. Oh and the sounds, the peacefulness, the only sound being a boat motoring across the tiny by of water, or the wheeling gulls… those are also the best bits that a photo can never convey, but we try…

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“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.”
― Cormac McCarthy

This morning I was able to photograph a beautiful sunrise. But only because I have a UV filter on my camera!  This happened yesterday… (I don’t know how, where, why or when…)

beforeBut because I have a UV filter faithfully on all of my lenses, once the filter was able to be taken off safely, this was the much better, shinier scenario…

afterHoya filters are generally a good buy and you can find yourself spending anything from £20 to £100 for a filter. But believe me it’s worth it and this one that I use, was the lower end of the price range. Because of all of that, I was able to get these…

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