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“Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar”
― Jim Butcher

I’ve always been fascinated by doors – old ones. Those kind that you see stuck in the middle of a wall in a village, that have just molded in to become part of the concrete. So armed with the camera, I went and snapped the two oldest doors on our property.

Unfortunately they are the shed door and the door that’s in our back gate. Everything else within the house is fairly new. But the outside doors have been nicely exposed to all sorts of weather conditions over the years making them quite photogenic.

Or at least, quite photogenic in my eyes anyway! And it makes a change from the normal day to day shots that I’ve been getting as well. Other than that, Monday is busy busy as usual and I don’t have time for a daily waffle! Happy Monday everyone!

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“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

I never realised so much dust was possible – at least not in a house! The building work has begun again today in earnest with a hole being knocked into the hallway way in order for a bedroom door to be moved. Crazy I know!

We needed another skip – yes it was that bad. And we also needed to hold the overhead wires up so that the skip could be dropped onto the drive – hence the rather odd looking pose that my Father is doing here!

The house finally received a shiny new coating of paint which covered up the old white peeling stuff and the fact that to the left used to be huge garage doors. We don’t miss them!

The old doorway was blocked up and the new doorway was knocked in – but not without some drama! Half of the wall fell away to reveal some rather funky plastering underneath. Whoops!

Whilst this was all happening – Buddy and Star sat patiently in the sitting room for most of the day, waiting for some sort of compensation for the disruption to their normally quiet daily routine. I fed them dinner an hour early…

Then I decided that Buddy was far too dusty to be acceptable because he had sat behind the door that was concealing the dust for most of the day and had little patches all over him that had seeped through. So we went out into the garden…

And I got bucket and hose ready…

Whilst Buddy glared at me from as far away as possible. As soon as there was any sign of water he sprinted down the path and threw himself back into the house. Lesson learned – next time I’ll close the door.

Buddy tried burying himself under his bed by digging at the blanket until it covered him. Unfortunately, the rest of his body gave away his hiding place.

So he got more ambitious and went for the whole of his bed to try and hide beneath. Buddy unfortunately has rather a large bottom though, and it didn’t quite fit. So the hose pipe won somewhat, and Buddy had a nice soak.

He hated me the minute I finished. He probably hated me the minute I started but he didn’t get much time to think about that! His only baths have consisted of going into the luxury pooch parlour that pulls up onto the drive and takes him inside for a good twenty minutes of pampering. Obviously I didn’t quite match up to those standards!

All in all quite an eventful end to the day really – I imagine that the evening will be spent dusting and putting things back where they came from. Oh, and trying to bribe Buddy into talking to me again. Poor dog!

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