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“The month of December isn’t magical because it sparkles. It’s magical because it changes people’s hearts … at least momentarily.”
― Toni Sorenson

Today has been testing my patience a little bit – with much to do I ended up falling down the stairs (due to rushing around) and now can’t do very much without pain! However, I did manage to pick the post up and it was such a good job that I did because the most awesome package was waiting for me… Sylwia Telari volunteers on DeviantART (a bit like I do but in the Traditional Art galleries) – she has sent me some home-made things that are just beautiful and fit the remit of the keywords that we had to give for our secret santa gifts (Owls and books!)

IMG_4210 IMG_4211 IMG_4213

Sylwia is an illustrator and a writer, and that absolutely shone through in all of my gifts – a beautiful book, an amazing illustration, a gorgeous bookmark and postcard. Thank you! <3


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Abstract Photography is something that is  easy to achieve yet an art that is fast dying out as more and more people refuse to open their mind and appreciate the beauty in something that challenges thought.  We are fast becoming a culture that does not stop long enough to appreciate inspiring images.

As I write, my years term working with worldwide popular art website DeviantART is fast coming to an end and I’ve now realized just how much I have learned in my journey as the Gallery Moderator for Abstract and Surreal Photography.

The  Dali-Esque shot above only took a few days to create and would have been quicker had I not started browsing local accessories stores for the item of jewellery. The sales assistant was shocked to find that I was buying something only to dunk it in water and effectively render it broke. But since becoming more and more addicted to Photography my life has been filled with aforementioned shopping trips. Searching first for things I can ruin in the name of Photography before buying things I actually need! The clock shot was created with a glass of lemonade, a neutral backdrop and of course the clock necklace. I took ten shots and managed two decent ones out of it. I don’t like to go overboard, my memory card wouldn’t stand the pressure!

Primarily I have come to realise that a beautiful Abstract does not have to make sense. During my seven years on DeviantART I’ve come across many different kinds of artworks but the last year in particular has proven the most challenging. For almost 365 days I have selected a Photograph from the huge vast Abstract Photography Gallery and awarded it something that is known as a Daily Deviation. Sometimes I’ve selected works that the community has brought to my attention. Other times I’ve delved into the gallery myself and found something. Each time I have been more and more amazed at what I stumble upon.

Take for example the image above which was created by Rickster155 on DeviantART. From a distance it could be something surreal and out of this world. However when you look into it perception is challenged as it really is just a close up of a bit of rust. It is creations like these that make me wonder how people can simply bypass Abstract work in favour of something more simple.

The above shot by PhoenixStamatis is incredible – smooth capture of motion is often hard to do and the textures of this piece make it all the more intriguing.

Abstract Photography isn’t something that you have to learn or work hard at to achieve. You simply need some creativity, a camera that can focus close to an object and an appreciative audience! For more inspiration browse the Daily Deviations For Abstract Photography Folder on DeviantART.

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