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Day Forty Seven: Country Life

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
-Marc Riboud –

I wrote an article for deviantART which is where the quote comes from today. Each week I try and summarise the goings on within the photography galleries – hence the big article of news you can read here if interested.

I did some village exploring this morning on my way to post a letter and decided to use the opportunity to get a couple of shots for the blog today. I seem to have developed a cold overnight and again today is another day lacking in effort with regards to Photography but with some tweaking and selective colouring I think I’ve got a few interesting viewpoints!

I’m lucky enough to live outside of the main local town and whilst the village I live in isn’t buried in the heart of the countryside – it’s halfway there at least. There are some fantastic quaint cottage scenes to be viewed nearby with thatch and tumbledown roofs. Post boxes are in abundance and seem to stand out more than they would in the town or city. I am going to do a blog focusing primarily on the street furniture that we often overlook but for now please enjoy this mismatch of country life!

No country living scene is complete without some traditional (not!) recipe books. My Mother attempted to make shortbread today although she didn’t use any of these books which is what she blames the terrible result on! This weekend I’m hoping to continue the country theme with some rather specific shots…

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