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Sometimes it’s easy to forget to be grateful and appreciative of the things that are nearby. So today I made use of the local villages and quaint scenery for my photographs – because the epitome of England is right on my doorstep (almost – you do have to head out a little bit!).

Churches with lush greenery, empty country roads, endless fields of sun-baked crops, cottages, narrow streets and leafy avenues are just some of the delights that are on offer in Hampshire and I snapped away during my travels this afternoon – definitely not disappointed with the results.

In fact I enjoyed it all so much that I went out late this afternoon and walked four miles with Buddy. It was sweltering – around 25 degrees and we walked down roads where the tarmac was so hot you could feel it through shoes. But it was nice all the same, especially as I rarely do that along country roads, instead choosing off road tracks and paths.

I snapped all over the place mostly – a little in Littleton which is a small village in Winchester, and then a few bits in Wherwell and Chilbolton as I travelled through. Eventually I ended up back in Clatford and took some photos of the house by the river that I’ve been meaning to shoot for a while now…

Whilst out walking this evening I made the decision to take my camera with me. However I forgot to put  a battery in . So I carried it all the way and it was useless! Hate it when that happens. However I did resort to using my mobile phone to capture the Autumnal driveway that I’m always raving on about..

It’s slightly blurred  but that’s the beauty of having Buddy tugging on the lead to go exploring! Despite the weather – beautiful sunshine and warm temperatures – it does feel like Autumn is slowly creeping in.

I visited my Grandad’s grave this afternoon in Littleton and this driveway above caught my eye as I was walking back to the car. I’ve decided to pin it to my mental map of places to visit in every season with the camera.

And there we go. A bit of a mash-up of not-so-rural England. Hopefully it showcases the corner of the world that I inhabit – which I’m quite proud of!

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“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”
― Mark Twain

Today I ventured into the local village and was greeted with the faces of the Royal Family. We established that today Judging for the Jubilee Contest began and thus the villagers were out in force, making their Scarecrows of the Queen with the theme of her Favourite Hobbies.

I must say, the creativity was fantastic and I actually felt quite proud to be British! Nearly every house had flags or bunting hanging from it, and so many had made the effort to decorate their front gardens. Truly British!

There were brides to supposedly look like Kate Middleton, Farmers that had the face of Prince Harry – there were even replica corgis – the queens beloved breed of dog! As we went on through the village a man wheeled a bicycle out of his house with half queen half duke of Edinburgh on the back – amazing!

Someone had even gone to the incredible trouble of creating a guard hut and guard – to signify the changing of guard that takes place at Buckingham palace. There’s a notice attached which warns people not to approach or talk to the guard whilst he is working. He’s made out of socks and old clothes.

Above all it is slightly surreal seeing these ‘people’ in the gardens of the village. Driving through it feels a bit, weird! Added to that, some of the masks appear to be eyeless and have had eyes put in them, which is even creepier because they seem a bit too realistic…

After all the exploring we set up our very own Jubilee tea party ready for the family later on today – with a brand new shiny red teapot to top it all off! Being very English today the need has arisen for tea and scones too!

I’ll pop a gallery at the bottom here rather than bombard you with a million more photographs. If you’re interested have a peek at the British going mad – it’s worth it!

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