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“Jewelry, I’m telling you. It’s a thing. And love. And maybe danger.”
― Kami Garcia

No, I don’t mean the cereal! Another hectic day is upon me and so I spent some time early this morning photographing my charm bracelet. It’s not as dull as it sounds I promise! For Christmas, my parents bought me the bracelet and with it a couple of charms. It’s like a Pandora Bracelet, only it’s from the USA. Additionally their American friends added to it by gifting the gorgeous Owl charm as well. (Everyone knows me so well!)



The music charm is for my love of playing the Piano, something which I am doing more and more of now that it’s nicely in place in the living room. (I’m sure it will feature as part of the blog at some point!) And the other two charms which arrived yesterday, were custom made by Stephanie Aust aka Copperrein.


My Mum, sister and I all wanted a charm that reminded us of Star (our late doggy) without it being too over the top. So Stephanie made three different coloured ‘beads’ for all three of us with Stars attached. Subtle and perfect!


I also couldn’t resist the ‘space’ themed work that she did so the below was also added. Charm bracelets are a great tradition, so it was nice to capture mine today with the macro lens. The watermarks have been added as a test to see how they work out on the images. Not sure if I like them just yet but I need to get in the habit of watermarking my work!


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