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‚ÄúRelax…it’s Sunday…”

It has been a fairly productive day for a Sunday – which generally should involve relaxing, reading and not doing much else! Whilst William and Buddy made up the shelving for the shed..

photo 1

I rearranged the kitchen to make it a bit more spacious – and clean! I then messed it all up by doing roast lamb for dinner and baking lots of cookies which turned out as slabs instead of cookie sized biscuits – but it was worth it.

photo 2

The only trouble is when you bake something you soon get sick of it – we’re left with around 30 cookies and everyone is either too far away to come get them or out the country! Any takers…?

photo 5 photo 4

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“People have got to learn: if they don’t have cookies in the cookie jar, they can’t eat cookies.”
~Suze Orman

Unfortunately I didn’t make these, I bought them instead for the staff Christmas party yesterday and got to keep the leftovers! They’re star shaped shortbread biscuits – chocolate orange flavour – from Sainsburys. I did pinch one and they are delicious!


So with the aid of the Christmas tree glowing nicely in the background, I was able to frame these quite festively. Don’t look too closely though, they are grainy, the lighting is off and they are quite wonky – but it’s cookies! Nevermind!



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