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“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life:

…It goes on.”
― Robert Frost

Week four is upon us!  For someone who has had barely anytime this week, there are a fair few photographs to share. 2015 has started off with a lot of hectic-ness and things which are taking up time, energy and focus. When I’m not occupied with those things I like to switch off as much as possible – baking the odd bakeable thing, reading and becoming an expert at Catan and beating William every single time. Practically.


Temperatures plummeted mid week and we were collectively scraping ice off of our cars in -6 degrees c temperature, shivering furiously. Then they rocketed and we were opening the window at night to +10 degrees! After the ice storms of last week it has been very strange – but welcome. Signs of spring are here and the builders have started up with the landscaping again planting us a few trees along with a rather annoyingly positioned lamp post.




Work has been going well. I’ve obtained a laptop which is now helping my back pain incredibly as I can work from home in between appointments here and there. But why would you work from home when your office view is like this every morning…


Sunset photos were achieved yesterday evening when my Mother and I were sat on the A34 in a layby with a pancake flat tyre on her BMW. We were on the way to see my Grandad in hospital but unfortunately didn’t make it due to the length of time it took to get the RAC to us. It was getting quite desperate after we’d finished our petrol station bought drinks and so we tucked into Grandad’s egg custard tart. Mainly why we couldn’t then go on to see him empty handed! Today saw us successfully reach the hospital and come home to the smell of delicious roast pork gently cooking away… it’s Sunday. Of course.6




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“In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.”
― Ben Aaronovitch

When we got up this morning it was still -4C outside – and this was at eight am! The only thing for it was to head out with the camera and get some shots, and I’m pretty glad that we did. It was absolutely freezing but completely worth it. Only one day left of the challenge after today but I’ve fallen in love with Photography all over again!

12 11 10

Today we revisted ‘The Bunnies.’ The hut is completely restored now and although there is a little bit of caution tape around it (not sure why) it looks good and almost identical to the previous one. It was great to get some shots again, it’s an iconic feature of the Hampshire landscape around these parts.

9 8 7

The Bunnies is one of my favourite locations, it’s nearly always been on my route to work wherever I’ve worked in the past and I often go for my daily dose of calm. Just minutes away from major roads and motorways, it’s a peaceful little haven that I absolutely adore.

5 4 3

And this last shot below was a lucky chance shot on the way home – they were too far away to capture properly but I’m still happy with the result. Don’t look too closely, telegraph poles and wires have been removed…!



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