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“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
― Samuel Johnson

This challenge has me going to the oddest places at the strangest times. Last night, I thought that was amazing. This morning after just four hours sleep, not so amazing! Last night I took some photographs and even managed to grab a couple after midnight – which luckily means that I’m still keeping to the rules of the ‘Photo a Day’ challenge. Which I’m quite grateful of today as I don’t think I would be that inspired to photograph anything much!


So around 8pm yesterday, my parents were heading up to London as part of their work to pick up some bits and pieces. I decided to go with them, even though they cautioned me that they wouldn’t be back until after 2am. I didn’t realise how old I had got and how hard it would be to wake up at seven this morning!  However, it was worth it.




I got some ‘amazing’ shots – in my view because I didn’t have  a tripod to make anything look super good. London by night is absolutely beautiful and I was lucky enough to be near St Paul’s Cathedral which is stunning – and evening at one point, right below the famous ‘dome.’



6I can’t reveal why we were in London (not yet!) but there were some amazing things to be seen where we were and it was a fantastic atmosphere! Coming soon to a TV near you hopefully… (UK peoples!)





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“Where was I when the rockets came to life, and carried you away into the alligator sky?”
― Owl City ―

Well, today has been busy!  Lots of meetings spread out all over the county and tedious gaps in between. I ended up at the Civic Centre this morning in Southampton – an impressive building that’s for sure but not when it’s -2 degrees and the woman on the desk tells me the library that I’m wanting is right back out in the cold and round the huge building to the other side. Normally it would be fine, a nice walk, impressive buildings – but the wind was bitingly cold.

I armed myself with the point and shoot camera today but unfortunately discovered that it had 1% of battery left and no sympathy for my plight whatsoever. I managed to shoot a little though but nothing of the library entrance which is actually pretty epic with huge pillars and stuff. Makes a change from our local which is up some stairs tucked away in a shopping centre!

So Whilst I was either wandering the streets looking for where I was supposed to be or stuck in frustrating traffic jams I decided to make use of the busy world happening around me and snapped away! I played around with selective colour afterwards – something I haven’t done for a while and certainly not since upgrading to a desktop and using a mouse to edit so my skills  are a little rusty.

Southampton being a city – and my local town being, well, a town – I lack in things like billboards and busy work centres. Thus I was quite pleased when I witnessed the magic happening and saw this man pasting Dustin Hoffmans face onto a board! I always thought it happened overnight when nobody was looking – in secret! But no – here it is, happening in broad day light!

I apologise for the increase of black and white but that’s unfortunately the tone of today. The weather didn’t lend itself for much else! I admit the title is a little cheesy since I used to venture to Southampton quite a bit but lately not so much – but today in the traffic, with the confusing buildings and amount of people I did feel a bit out of my depth! Most odd…

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