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“At Christmas, all roads lead home.”
~ Marjorie Holmes

Orange is very much a Christmassy scent. It’s the smell that mingles perfectly with the fresh pine of a real Christmas Tree. The smell that wafts across the air when you wander around the Christmas markets (unless you’re wandering near the public toilets).


I recently started following Clare Manson on wordpress, a wonderful cook and photographer from deviantART. She posted a tutorial on how to make Orange Slice Christmas Tree decorations. You can find it here.


Before I did the sliced decorations though, we spent a good while trawling around the supermarkets in aid of finding some whole cloves. If you pierce an orange with millions of cloves it will give off the most fantastic scent – the orange and clove mix together nicely to create a warm cinnamon Christmas smell. Eventually we found some and did some voodoo sticking. The smell is incredible!


I may well have burnt my oranges just a little bit (oven was too high!) but they still turned out fairly well. Next year I will be investing in a drill to make holes in cinnamon sticks so that they can be threaded on too. Suffice to say I will no longer be paying an extortionate amount of money at a Christmas market for some dried out oranges on string! DIY all the way…



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