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“I wish every night could be like Christmas Eve..”

Christmas Eve is traditionally spent getting up early to get the fresh bits in for Christmas day, cooking ham, making mince pies and having a family meal of cold meat and salad in the evening.

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This year was no exception! We also celebrated my Dad’s birthday (which is tomorrow) a day early so he could enjoy his presents. Particularly as we’ll be busy with these bits…



THEN we had the Christmas Eve boxes…a tradition we started only last year and which involves putting together a box of goodies for each ‘couple’ in the immediate family. Take a look at what we got this year…!

6 4 3To all who celebrate it, Merry Christmas – enjoy the day and the special moments with family, that’s what it’s all about in the end :)

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“It Was Christmas Eve Babe…”

Going shopping at six thirty am is a fantastic idea. It’s better than queuing (like many did) at midnight waiting for the supermarket to open! I parked right near the door, breezed through the aisles and found the perfect baubles. Christmas Eve is complete!



I also bought Croissants for Breakfast, but that was it. Everybody stared at my almost empty basket in envy as they rushed around with their laden trolleys. Hah! Organization rules every time. So I thought that I’d photograph the baubles, although it wasn’t planned – but they were a bargain and it is Christmas Eve!



I also realise that the sign we have up says two sleeps until Christmas – I assure you – it is just ONE sleep! Must change!



I wanted to wish all of my followers, commenters and lurkers a very Merry Christmas – with just five days left – FIVE – many of you have stuck with me since practically the beginning, for that alone you deserve an awesome Christmas break! Merry Christmas…

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