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“Pies mean Thanksgiving and Christmas and picnics.”
― Janet Clarkson

Today was a day for mass-baking Christmas treats! Mince Pies were batch produced closely followed by Chocolate fudge brownies, also batch produced! Throw in a chicken and chorizo dinner and the kitchen smells AMAZING. Also my 1000 follower JUST HAPPENED! I officially have 1,000 people following my blog which is an amazing landmark figure. Thanks to the 1,000 click – http://theripariantimes.wordpress.com/

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“We’re the wicked witch. We promise gingerbread, but we eat the little bastards alive.”
― Orson Scott Card

In the Spirit of Christmas – baking was undertaken and so the Gingerbread were born! The recipe used was a fairly simple one from the BBC – you can find it here if interested. Only we used salted Butter as we didn’t have any unsalted, and we neglected to put the pepper in which was optional anyway.


The biscuits consistency didn’t appear that promising, but with much rolling of the rolling pin, they turned out okay in the end! More flour was added as we went along to aid with everything too, possibly too much flour..!



The decorations, well they are an acquired taste. We made cute gingerbread people and then one had it’s leg fall off and some red smeared on it, so of course it became a zombie child. Fantastic!



Then there were ones decorated like snowmen, ones without a decorated purpose, and of course the inspiration behind it all – the gingerbread man toy from the kitchen! Sadly, none of them turned out like that one.





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