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“Pick the weeds and keep the flowers.”
― Kelly Clarkson

It all seems fairly quiet on the wordpress front! My post from yesterday reposted itself this morning as I queued it wrong, subsequently though, it has barely been noticed! It seems that macro is the least favourable of the genres I photograph! So I tried less harder today – and focused on some beautiful cut flowers!

The Photos don’t do them justice really, it was quite badly lit inside and grey outside, but at least it’s something towards the photo a day challenge!

And that’s it for today, a rather Rainy and cold Friday! I hope to get out and about at the weekend for some Autumnal shots at least – the weather is set to improve a little. Happy Weekend!

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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

I have always loved these ‘chinese lantern’ flowers so I indulged in a few stems yesterday so that I had something vibrant and autumnal to photograph today!

The real name for these sounds like a sexually transmitted disease – so I prefer to use Chinese Lanterns or indeed, ‘Pumpkin Flowers’ given that they resemble the halloween vegetable. Or fruit. I’m not even sure what a pumpkin is!

This morning the heating went on – which means it’s officially cold enough! However the daytimes are bright and warm, something that definitely won’t be complained about should it continue through the season!

I hope they last because I have more photography opportunities planned for these lovely flowers and indeed, Buddy was eying them up enthusiastically too…

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