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Easter Sunday is upon us already, this year is flying by! The dog wouldn’t pose with the Easter Chickens and so we had to get a bit more creative. It rained, hard, but not when we wanted it to – so the trusty spray bottle was out again!

A pile of books, white tissue paper and a wet window, were the props of the day. Hence why the chickens feet look likey they are disappearing… but for a five minute photoshoot I think it worked well…

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With April, came the sunshine. We’ve been waiting pretty much since Christmas for the sun to shine, and today it has done! The weekend has been fairly nice too. So what better way to see in a new month, and a new season – with a fresh blog post? I know it has been a while, but lots has been keeping me occupied!

William and I photographed the wedding of Lindsey and Keith on Saturday. It was a beautiful location that I shot at last May as well, It was so nice to be taking photographs at a place that I was familiar with! I hope this happens more in the future too. So in the coming weeks I’ll have those photographs to share too. They’re all done and ready for Lindsey to see when they return from their honeymoon – for now though, I’ll just share the sneak peek of the box I’ve custom made for them…


I discovered a fantastic tool called ‘The Boxer’ – and it does exactly what it says on the tin. You can score lines in paper or card to make boxes of pretty much any shape and size (within reason of course.) I’ve got my eye on the pro boxer tool thingy-bob. Birthday is looming!



Since it’s Easter, I had to do a themed shoot and decided to use Easter Chickens. I’ve wanted to find these again for quite some time, and my sister bought me some for my Easter gift, so the opportunity was perfect. Expect more of these little creatures in the near future, I’m planning to get creative!



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