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Life is always better…together

The epic thunderstorm continued into the night with hugely loud claps of thunder hitting around one am. Living on a building site is sort of interesting in a sense because the lightning seemed to continously bounce off of building materials!

Today involved dodging torrential rain and carrying out my first assessment at work (alone!) which actually went very well. Exciting times ahead – it’s only been six weeks and they’ve let me out!


The food tonight is Salt and Pepper Chicken – my speciality with Chinese Five Spice!

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Scotland has said ‘No’ to independence, or rather the majority have. That has been the topic everywhere today, even in the far South of the country. Everyone is talking about it – that and last nights thunderstorm of course.

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“God, it was hot! Forget about frying an egg on the sidewalk; this kind of heat would fry an egg inside the chicken.”
― Rachel Caine

The temperature made it to thirty degrees today – and wow, it is hot! It’s not just hot, it’s muggy too so much so that we couldn’t even face dinner until fairly late. We did what everyone does in this weather and BBQ’d some chicken and vegetable kebabs served up with fluffy potatoe croquets. The weather has slowed everything down and work is extra difficult because I constantly have to give up the luxury of an air conditioned car to step out into the heat and decidedly un-air conditioned houses! Tomorrow though it will all be worth it as we should have a fantastic storm…

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