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“In order to understand rejection, man must first be ignored by a cat.”
― anon

This morning – before the sun was even high in the sky – I had a photo shoot with a cat! Now I usually don’t like cats. I find them unpredictable and scratchy. I have nightmares whereby they sit on my lap and dig their claws into my leg and never let go – ever.

So whilst I was meant to be photographing a dog, and the cat was just a nice addition – I was wary of it! But this cat was amazing – it was more fearful of me than I was of it!

This cat was beautiful – her eyes are gorgeous and she is quite rightly named Sapphire. So it was actually quite fun to get her in the right light (without touching her because Cats are viscous!) and capture the colour.

In between it all, the dog was more interested in chewing her teddy bears than posing for photographs and since we weren’t outside I couldn’t get that adventurous. But I managed a couple! Really the focus ended up being on Sapphire – which more than suited her!But Ebony – the lovely black fluffy two year old – did begrudgingly pose for me once or twice…

The weather is sort of rainy/windy/sunny – it’s never one thing for more than an hour or so. I decided it wasn’t worth risking waiting for a sunset tonight as my images of the day. Especially as it’s quiz night! Yippee!

Sapphire was the first cat I’ve really concentrated on with pet photography – and it was surprising how photogenic the animals actually are. Patience is definitely key though as Sapphire seemed more enamored with the camera bag than she did with me…

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Day Sixty Two: Cats Eyes

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”
Marilyn Monroe – 

Today started with misty views and rain. Lots of rain! It actually didn’t feel like Spring anymore and certainly didn’t appear as though the weather would change. However a surprising amount of sunshine arrived with some incredible blue skies. After a lazy start to the day I headed to Basingstoke with my Mother to browse Staples for some well-needed office bits and bobs. Last night I spent some hours reading through my Law books and made pages and pages of notes. But they looked awful afterwards. They were definitely not something that I would rush to read back and it was then that I realised throughout school and college we were never really taught how to learn from a book or to revise from our notes. We were talked at, for hours at a time, but that was pretty much it. It worked though, at the time – things sunk in and I learned. However the Open University is ten times more difficult than sitting in front of a tutor and being lectured over a topic. You’re expected to figure it all out yourself and get by on feedback on assignments and asking the occasional question by email. A question which is often met with – consider the materials carefully! So I decided if I was going to make this easier for myself – I needed some help. Highlighters, Post-it notes and index cards! Any excuse to spend money on office equipment.

That being said – my photographs today are very spontaneous. I took some on the way and a couple before and after. My main focus this weekend has turned into studying rather than taking pictures – but it’s okay! I’m looking forward to the Summer months when I get a uni break and I’m able to enjoy exploring with the camera a bit more.

Since I took most of my pictures whilst my Mother was driving, they aren’t as clear as they could be. But the colours were still captured at their true extent and they definitely felt fresh and summery!

Other shots today just included some mucking around with black and white along with selective colouring. Unfortunately there was an accident in the town whilst we were there but luckily it didn’t appear to be too serious. The dilemma of course is whether or not to take a photograph. Most of the time I battle with my inner self only briefly and manage to snap away albeit in a dignified manner. I recall spending time at one of the last home-comings at Wootton Bassett before the returning soldiers both alive and deceased were relocated to return to RAF Brize Norton. I stood in a crowd of around 500 people but had established my place on the edge of the road, right beneath the rather daunting camera of a BBC Journalist. To my left was a man in his forties who stood with his wife and when I raised my camera to start photographing the returning soldiers embarking on their home-coming parade he remarked that I had no respect. His comments were more directed at the BBC Cameraman but he glared pointedly at my SLR a number of times. I ignored him. If everybody stopped taking pictures of things happening then we wouldn’t know what was going on in our country or across the world. If Marie Colvin hadn’t risked her life on numerous occasions to grab those news headlines and report to us the traumas and awful events in foreign countries then we would be none the wiser to many things happening across the world. Photo-journalism is not something I actively embark on every day but when I do, I do it with pride.

Aside from the serious photography I also managed to grab a couple of shots of a cat! To contrast nicely with the selective coloring shots I did of Buddy yesterday I had a play with these and attempted some artful cropping to add a bit of emotion. I’m allergic to cats, and I’m quite wary of their claws anyway so other than grabbing the odd shot here and there I don’t really make that much effort to capture them. I’m always happy to undertake Pet Photography though if anyone is interested!!

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