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“The town was paper, but the memories were not.”
― John Green

Today has gone so quickly (because I was admiring how fast the week has gone yesterday) that I forgot to take photos and remembered to take them and then forgot again. Eventually I remember on the way back from having dinner out with my sister and her boyfriend, so quickly did a last minute capture of the road. Exciting I know.. !


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“I want to be more like James Bond, and less like Ian Fleming.”
― Jarod Kintz,


[Jaws] Richard Kiel with William!

The weekend was spent relaxing, and then venturing down to Beaulieu motor museum for a bit of James Bond, Top Gear and other assorted car geekery-ness. It coincided with my Boyfriend’s Birthday and with the presence of Blanche Ravalec and Richard Kiel – Jaws and Dolly from James Bond. So naturally, we had to be frightfully British and do a spot of Sunday afternoon queuing.


[Jaws] Richard Kiel

And queue we did do! It took a fairly long time to get to the front, and we were the first batch in along with all the Bond fangirls (more men than women though!) Staring at the back of a 007 T-Shirt for 2 hours was a different way to spend a Sunday at least…!


[Dolly] Blanche Ravalec


[Dolly] – Blanche Ravalec

There were other awesome cars too – remember that Granny Mobile from Top Gear? The OAP friendly car? It was there, in all its glory! Plus other assorted Bond Cars, some traditional old time vehicles and lots of other exciting bits and pieces…



I promise, more Photography will be blogged in the near future. As I’m writing this I have one of those smug smiles on my face that can only come from having just finished a 3,000 word report to conclude a whole year of University. The smile falters, but only slightly, as I remember I was quite stupid and decided to undertake two years of University at once – and have an exam two weeks tomorrow. As I said, it only slightly falters. Until I remember that I’ve signed up for the exact same ordeal as of October…!


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