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 “Life is like a camera…”

Today’s photos are pretty plain and simple – one is a quote I found the other day (on sale!) in Homebase of all places and I’ve hung it at the bottom of our new stairs to try and provoke good thoughts…

The other is of our front door! We finally have a house number, only five days after we’ve moved in of course. Those five days have been spent redirecting people, sharing post with neighbours and in general accepting the curses or all delivery drivers who have know idea which house is which. Numbers, finally!



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“I must have flowers, always, and always.”
― Claude Monet

Gloomy day today! Lots of rain and headache inducing white skies. Nevertheless, I tried to photograph something semi vibrant at least, especially as there weren’t even any clouds around for some interesting shadows and formations. I’m not sure entirely what the flower is – I leave that to you guys to let me know, I’m no expert on garden knowledge!




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