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“He was the toast to her butter.”
― Nicholas Sparks

These past few days have been busy and it’s probably shown in my blog writing and picture taking skills! I’ve cut down dramatically on the time I’m able to spend finding a decent shot and have reverted back to old ways – shooting with what I have!

Toast! I hijacked the toaster this morning with the camera and snapped away quickly before I had to start work. It’s not the best solution but it’s another picture and another day – and already we’re moving into September which means only four months left to go!

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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
― Charles M. Schulz

Chocolate cornflake cake – or chocolate cracknell as it’s commonly known – is something that was incredibly easy to make in school when I was younger. I’m sure many readers will agree! It was also easy to eat. However the truth is, once you’ve hit your twenties you just aren’t capable of doing it. If I happen to have any future children they will definitely have to go to Grandma’s for assistance with such a thing. I never chocolate had a melting limit. That you could melt it beyond being able to save it never occurred to me. But it’s completely do-able.

I followed a fairly simple recipe and yet – it just all seemed to go wrong! I don’t think there is any hope at all for my culinary skills. My Mother came to the rescue and chucked in some cocoa powder a spot of butter and a dash of syrup. It seemed to do the trick…

When I bake – I have all the good intentions in the world. About halfway through they fly out the window and I start to wonder what exactly I’ve started. I think our kitchen is cursed, that must be it. If, for example, I was given the kitchen of Nigella Lawson for the day I would be able to create all sorts of wonders – I’m positive.

Having said that – They did taste good. Perhaps a little cocoa-ey more than anything else though. I also made a batch with sugar puffs, which was then put into a baking tray and is still cooling in the fridge. The idea is to cut that up into squares. Only, it seems too crumbly for that!

Whilst this was going on – Buddy and I spent a few minutes watching some funny youtube videos. It was probably why the chocolate went beyond the brink of life on the stove to be honest. We were engrossed in the ‘Cat in a sleeve’ video.

Buddy just couldn’t understand what happened to the cat when the video ended. So he ran outside and to the window behind the computer, where he began searching in earnest for it. For a dog he’s quite intelligent – I must say! Or quite stupid…Then we watched the dog versus balloons video – which drove Buddy mad with frustration.

The weather tipped the temperature gauge today hitting 19.5 degrees celcius by midday. The shops were busy, garden centres packed – it truly felt like the first day of Summer! Oh if anyone wants the recipe for my disaster it’s as follows:

Find nearest Supermarket

Go There

Buy Chocolate Krispy Cake


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