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“A little water clears us of this deed…”
– Skakespeare

I know I know, more water photographs. It has become something of a novelty around here and if we were suffering as much as Somerset I definitely wouldn’t be sat here blogging! Overnight the winds were incredible but luckily the rain has stayed away and the day has been mostly dry.




I encouraged William to invest in some Wellies so that we could explore a bit more of the meadow – and the floods just down the road. Cars were starting to think twice before going through them this time!




As we waded through knee deep river that had spilled over onto the meadow, I spotted some Ladybirds floating downstream and clinging to bits of branch. We rescued the few that we could! It was quite bizarre though, there were around 20 little ladybirds perishing in the flood water.

11 10

Buddy again enjoyed himself immensely, and I’m hoping the deluge of photographs will make up for a busy week! Tomorrow I have some estate agents to photograph (I know, never thought I would be doing that!) and this week I have lots of work to catch up on after missing a few days due to training the past few weeks. Then the uni work will need some attention again soon as I crack on with the last few assignments and the final batches of revision notes. Photos will continue – but they may be last minute!








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“Faster, Higher, Stronger.”
-Olympic Motto

I felt a little despondent about the upcoming Paralympics a few days ago when I heard that the Olympic torch passed through the town – at least eight hours after the event. There was no publicity, nothing to say that it was happening. It came and went and you were lucky to see it if you were in the area at the time.

After the success of the London 2012 Olympics, I really hope that the same attention to detail is given to the Paralympics. The medalists from Team GB are being hailed as Super Humans, but realistically the Super Humans are those who have overcome adverse conditions, loss of limbs and whatever else to be there, tonight, at the opening ceremony and for the next two weeks competing.
My faith was restored somewhat after listening to an uplifting interview with Channel 4 Paralympics Presenter Daraine Mulvihill. I wrote my blog in my head on the way home after hearing her on the radio. Her excitement and her own personal story that took her to where she was today was inspiring.
Daraine was a cross country runner with several medals to her name when she contracted meningitis at the age of sixteen. She had both of her legs amputated below the knee and lost all of her fingers. She runs on blades now, and if there is ever a presenter than can empathize and really know what the athletes are going through – she’s the one.

I also had a spare half an hour at lunchtime and against my better judgement, bought Hello! magazine after seeing a six page spread on the elite British Athletes of the 2012 Paralympics. So I’m buoyed once more to be behind my country all the way, and I hope that wherever you are – you might also spare the time to catch up on the Paralympics and support your respective teams. Let’s watch Oscar Pistorius take that gold and Jason Smyth keep his title of the ‘Fastest Paralympian on Earth…’ and let’s be proud of how far we’ve come not only as countries but as human beings.

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