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“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.”
― Gary Snyder

Surprisingly there are still some shots from yesterday to share – an epic sunset and some creativity with a boat! So before I begin with today’s photographs I will share those. These were taken as the sun set last night, through the bedroom window.

The ‘Bokeh’ effect in the foreground comes from the fact that I shot through a window – it worked out quite nicely with the next couple of images but was tricky to capture in terms of lighting appropriately.

Exploring the local area is something I forget to do in favour of venturing further afield for the shots for the daily blog or indeed finding something around the house. But today was different and it was spent getting some a mixture of shots from a few of my favourite places.

The above was taken after a revisit to The Bunnies – a place that I’ve photographed a lot as part of this challenge. But I have tried to keep it varied! The Bunnies is a small lane joining two villages together and runs alongside the old sprat and winkle railway line.

I used HDR for the above image – anything else I shot had already been taken before but this provided a little bit of difference it seemed. The area was peaceful, and it was nice to spend a bit of time shooting photos properly – with a tripod and everything!

We ventured to Danebury with the dogs and had a brief wander around. The sun was very bright which meant that photos were a bit over-exposed therefore there isn’t too much to share. The attraction at Danebury was that one of the training groups from Middle Wallop over the back was dropping planes full of parachutists. However we kept missing the opportune moments and sadly didn’t get any snaps.

After Danebury we had a wander to Horseshoe Bridge. I haven’t photographed here before and hadn’t been for a long time. It used to be a popular swimming lake with local people  but now it’s a bit too dirty and a bit too shallow.

The lake around the bridge was beautiful in the sunlight and finding mushrooms and a mossy covering of ground made it quite photogenic. We spent a bit of time photographing here before finally concluding the day and heading home.

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“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.”
― Suzanne Weyn

Sometimes you have to catch the morning at just the right moment in order to get the best of it. We had a period of sunlight amidst the grey that lasted all of two minutes and completely changed the outlook in the garden – but only briefly!

I had aimed to be awake for around half five this morning in order to see whether the sun made an appearance and I was able to catch the tail end of the transit of venus. It didn’t happen. Well, the transit did, but the sun didn’t. I spent about half an hour last night watching the live NASA broadcast until it crashed due to heavy traffic – they boasted it would be the first transit ever live blogged. Wishful thinking!

So it isn’t quite roses this morning – but the raindrops are there so the title is half true! I think I managed to shoot at the right moment as until now the sun didn’t make another appearance and I would have ended up with some moody grey shots to blog about – which can possibly work well sometimes I admit!

Starting the week on a Wednesday seems to work quite well. Everybody I have had meetings with today is in good spirits and well refreshed after the extended time off. Those that had to work twice as hard to deal with more customers/traffic and so on are not quite so happy but all in all the mood is good.


I think it’s a bit like snow days – the first one is great but when it gets to the third or fourth, you start wondering if you can get away with starting work early. (Which I managed to do yesterday evening!)

Anyway, that concludes Wednesday and all it brought with it! I haven’t even photographed Still Life this week – which is absolutely unheard of! With an alleged Summer arriving there will hopefully be a bit more of the outdoor world to showcase!

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