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Buy a little piece of England TODAY!

They’re here!  2015 Calendars are hot off the press! Each calendar includes 12 high quality photographs (A4 Sized landscape) based in and around Hampshire, UK. Previews of all images are included at the bottom. Illustration shows the front cover…  Calendar prices are £15.00 each with FREE UK delivery. Worldwide postage prices are available on request. These are perfect little Christmas gifts both locally and globally and all photographs were taken throughout the past year. Message me to reserve yours NOW! kathrynphotography@live.co.uk.


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“Besides love and sympathy, animals exhibit other qualities connected with the social instincts which in us would be called moral.”
― Charles Darwin

Buddy likes to bring things, so when I got home instead of his usual offerings of toilet rolls, bits of wood from the fire basket, envelopes or whatever else he can find…. he bought me a flower! Naturally, I decided that it would be a great opportunity for today’s photos and naturally at that exact moment, he dropped the flower and refused to go outside again.



After much coaxing though, and a few bribes, he gave in and today’s photos were taken!

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