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“They sicken of the calm who know the storm.”
― Dorothy Parker

Before ‘St Jude’ batters all the leaves from the trees, we had a last minute dash to Saverake Forest in Marlborough to the Avenue of Autumn Trees to try and capture some shots. It was quite beautiful – and surprisingly calm given all the hype about the weather. Maybe I’ll be eating my words by the morning…




Of course, Buddy had to come too. He’s been everywhere with me this past week (mostly!) He even spent two days in the office at work and of course absolutely loved every second of the attention, scraps of food and general lordship that he was able to have over everybody. Plus the fact that every time somebody went out for a cigarette, they took him for a walk too!




So we took him as well, and in return we had him pose for us a couple of times amongst the Autumn leaves. He didn’t grumble…too much!




Savernake is a beautiful but extensive Forest. Roads and trails lead off from all angles and there’s so much to explore. We didn’t stay around too long as the acorns and conkers were starting to fall from the trees – definitely a painful experience! Plus the conkers were incredible…they looked like tiny hedgehogs on the ground and the forest floors were littered with them…

1Anyway, according to news reports we are supposed to prepare to be without power, water, electricity and every other necessity going (including internet of course!) by morning, so I better post this before it’s too late…! Even Michael Fish has come out of retirement to offer his words of wisdom for this storm… we shall see!


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“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”
― Lewis Carroll

I grabbed a few minutes today to quickly drive down one of my favourite Autumn roads. It’s a challenge to say the least, because it’s tucked neatly in between two bits of very well protected Ministry of Defence Land. This means that the road has only ever really been used for brief bypasses off of the main roads and for tanks. So it’s incredibly bumpy and hilly!

Nevertheless the shots were worth it. It was raining so I didn’t even get out of the car – which was terrible I know. You may even notice the windscreen reflections at the edges of the images – very unprofessional!

The road is fairly long and bordered by trees on one side that are most definitely in the midst of Autumn, and trees on the other side that are still basked in Summer Greens. The effect is weird and slightly disconcerting. Luckily the orange leaves stretch enough to make it even!

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