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“He was born with a gift of laughter and a sense that the world was mad.”
― Rafael Sabatini

Much of the world has awoken to the news that Robin Williams has died – suspected suicide. He was an icon of my childhood, Peter Pan, Mrs Doubtfire and so on. Actors and Actresses are mysterious, you never really know the real them unless you know them personally – only what they portray to the media. Regardless, it’s incredibly sad news.


Quick post today because I’m training most of the day and won’t be home until late. Looks like the weather has cleared up to make another beautiful day – albeit with a September kind of chill in the air. Autumn is coming!

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“And rain will make the flowers grow.”

Actually, it’s not real rain, but the sentiment is there regardless! One of the best tools I think I found to accompany my photography is a spray bottle of water. Great stuff. Of course you then need someone willing to stand there and spray flowers with spray water for a good five or ten minutes and look completely ridiculous. That’s what Fathers are there for!


These blue flowers have been done before, I know. But I just can’t ignore how vibrant they are in the greens of the garden, and so had the urge to snap away again today. It was relaxing, to be back behind the camera, if only for a few minutes.


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