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“If the sunshine could talk – it would probably boast that it created romance.”

Today started off fairly grey and gloomy but after lunch the sun came out and it was actually very beautiful. Yesterday I took a few random shots of the marble I often use for abstract photography and decided that today I would work on them a little more creatively and try and get something a bit different.

The marble itself is the inspiration behind many shots in the past and hopefully many more in the future and is just about big enough to settle nicely in the palm of someone’s hand. The someone in today’s shots is my Father.

I’m trying to vary what I take pictures of with the reflection as a prop but more often than not I end up with the same sorts of things. So I accepted the challenge today to be more creative…

I tried capturing Buddy in the reflection, as I had managed a year or so ago to get Star stood on the garden steps peering at me – but he didn’t stay still long enough bless him! When the clouds broke and the sun came through the I took my moment and got snapping…

Hopefully as the spring and then summer evenings arrive I’ll be able to get out and creative with the sunset. At the moment the grey clouds roll in just before the sun goes down and any chance of beautiful colours is lost!

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