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“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”
― Carl Sagan

As I type this, I’m really hoping that the object I photographed today turns out alright! I haven’t baked anything in a while, and I decided today that I wanted to make something that was relatively low in calories, and quite healthy – but tasty at the same time. I scoured the internet and found a recipe for Apple Betty – so me being me, changed it all around!

I used my new mixing bowl – bought yesterday on an evening shopping trip to John Lewis with my Mother. We invested in a large and a small one, and came to the agreement that she could buy the matching milk jug. Everybody needs a matching milk jug of course. It looks pretty!

The recipe said to use cinnamon. But I only had Apple Pie Spice which basically smells the same anyway. It smelt really good actually, cooking away in the oven this evening. I was quite pleased with achieving a yankee candle smell for less price than their housewarmer jars! And I just peeked – the end result looks awesome, even if I do say so myself…


340g/12 0z Eating Apples

57g/20z Sultanas (I used half this amount as nobody likes too many!)

8 eggs

42g Artificial Sweetner

Dash of Vanilla Essence

2 pots of Vanilla with Chocolate Sprinkles Mullerlight Yoghurt

Apple Pie Spices / Or Cinnamon


  • Peel Core and slice the apples. Put them into a shallow (ish) dish and sprinkle the sultanas over the top. Beat the eggs with the artifical sweetner and vanilla. Add the yoghurts and beat again. Pour the mixture over the apples and sultanas and sprinkle it with the spice. Cook in a moderate oven 190 degrees/Gas mark 5 until set which is approximately 40 minutes.

The taste, because I had to try a bit of course – is something akin to bread and butter pudding. Of course with much less calories! It’s light, fluffy, not too dry and quite filling (yes I only had two bites – so far!)

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“There’s small choice in rotten apples.”
― William Shakespeare

Buddy has become more well known than I – people come from miles to meet him! Since there have been a fair few inquiries into Buddy’s well-being as I haven’t photographed him for a while – day 201 is devoted entirely to his furry little face.

And, bless him, he put on a bit of a show for the camera. He has got quite adventurous since yesterday afternoon. He came home from a brief walk to find that somebody had replaced Wilson, the dead football. Whilst saddened by the absence of Wilson (who had become no more than a shred of yucky leather) – he immediately sank his teeth into the newcomer. A promotional Rugby Ball from Basingstokes The Breeze radio station. Buddy punctured the ball and scared himself senseless with the hissing that came out of it.

However today, Buddy wasn’t interested in the ball anymore and went on the search for his new acquaintance – an apple. I launched it into the flower bed this morning whilst he wasn’t looking but obviously it must smell appley because he knew where it had gone.

Plus he wasn’t impressed that it had gone, that was for sure. I got dirty looks the whole time, probably partially to do with the camera but also to do with disposing of his playmate. Buddy likes to bounce apples around the living room until they split and he can lick the inside bits. He is a strange dog.

So he searched good and proper, going as far as to stick his head in the flower beds in order to try and reunite himself with the part of him that obviously seemed so lost forever. It wasn’t long before he found what he was looking for…(with new alive wilson in the background!)

Then a strange thing happened. Buddy decided that he would pretend he had never shown any care or interest in the apple, ever. He practically disowned it right there on the steps and struck a haughty pose for the camera.

When I turned my back to pack the camera away though, Buddy snuck a look in and glared at his Apple before leaning forward until his nose touched the top of it. He held it there too, as if posing once more for the camera!

So as you can see, Buddy is very much alive and well. Star is too, but she has become very wise in her old age and decided to spend the morning sleeping. Plus Apples? She’s not bothered.

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