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“Who will make it rain?”

It’s funny how much a difference a year makes…so much changes, not least the weather! Around this time last year, some of you might remember my freshly pressed blog entry ‘Who will stop the rain?’

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Well…the rain isn’t happening this time! Most aren’t complaining, and I certainly am not but the weather is dangerously hot for so many – people and animals alike. The day time temperature hasn’t dropped below twenty three degrees for at least a week and it’s averaging out at around 28 degrees at the peak of midday. For us Brits…it’s just not normal! And the forecast is set to continue well into another week too…


So I decided to do a little revisiting. The flowers I photographed last year weren’t there this year, or hadn’t bloomed, so a few weeks ago for my parents anniversary I bought them some more. They’ve grown nicely – and are known as ‘Agapanthus’ in case anyone was wondering! Not syphilis…which for some reason, is what I thought they were called! Not as effective without the raindrops…but instead of me lying in flowerbeds in pyjamas, photographing in the rain…it was quite different this time!


2rSo, as I said last year, there’s really only one thing to do when it rains…and when it doesn’t. Blog about it (because I’m English) and head outside with the Macro lens!

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