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“Gardening: it is the closest one can come to being present at creation.”
– Phyllis Theroux

It’s hot. Super hot. Sort of 25 degrees kind of weather. For some of you USA followers, that’s nothing. (And I’m coming to the USA for a whole month this year so I’m trying to prepare myself!) But for this country it’s pretty warm and that means that in order to achieve pretty rain covered flower photos, I need to falsify the conditions….

Out comes the trust water bottle, and of course the trusty Maisy who is convinced that it’s her only source of Water and she must have it. Once we had contended with the dog however, the results were pretty good…

This year is the Year of Weddings. We had an epic Wedding at the weekend (not ours of course) in the beautiful city of Bath and it was our most challenging Wedding to date. No, not because of the Bride and Groom (they were lovely, they’re probably reading this, but it’s true they were…) but because of the venue. We photographed the ceremony in a beautiful little Theatre, it’s actually called The Little Theatre…go check it out. It’s a fully functional cinema too so if you’re ever in the area, I do suggest that you go and catch a film or two… Then there were all the surprises…luckily we knew about them and could plan ahead, I mean you have to when there is going to be a choir re-inacting the Wedding Scene from Love Actually, and a Delorean, oh and Aaron Douglas… Much planning needed!

So in between working on those Photos, I found my passion for Photography again (fear not 2016/17 Brides and Grooms!) It didn’t exactly go missing, but it did lie dormant for a while as other things took over like work, life, house, dog, garden e.t.c. and I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would like. This evening though, right after work, we went into town and annoyed the Bookshop by going in ten minutes before closing time, grabbed a coffee and then mucked around with the camera. Three things, aside from William, Family and Maisy, that complete my life. Books, Coffee & Photography.

I have so many blog posts stored up and ready to write…so many photos to share from the last month or so. One stumbling block in my way is my storage is maxed out on WordPress so I can’t easily upload and place photos in the blog posts. WordPress want a stupid amount of money (new rulez now) for increasing storage and I don’t want to play ball. So I’m uploading photos elsewhere and then linking them in. It’s not hard, but it’s the lazy way and I don’t like the time it takes to share a few photos! But I promise that will change… I need to do the 365 challenge again and force myself to snap away!

But for now, for today, enjoy our beautiful Allium. The bulbs were kindly gifted by my Grandma last Autumn and we buried them in October hoping for the best. We were more than surprised, they just popped up in the last few months and add a splash of colour to our front garden. What’s even more surprising (for us), is that we don’t see them often as we never use the front door to get into the house, so the bursts of colour suddenly appeared when we ventured outside.

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“The sun coming up everyday is a story.”
~Terry Pratchett

It’s not really until this time of year that I begin to capture sunrises – it’s easier to get up early in the Summer and be able to photograph them. This morning’s was beautiful. It’s also incredible how quickly the sky changes, within seconds the colours had changed to something weaker and less vibrant and a minute later it was gone. Interestingly, one photograph was taken with my iPhone and the other with my D-SLR…but which is which…


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