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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.”
― Horace Walpole

It’s cold but by the time I’m set to go the frost has melted, leaving behind a bright day but with little photographic opportunity! Nevertheless in my lunch break today I managed to grab Buddy and persuade him to pose a little.


Lens flares are awful, terrible things, bane of photographers lives – but sometimes they just happen!

I have been busy with Photography the last short while, having photographed my first Christening at the weekend. I’m also attending a baby christmas fair in a few weeks to set up my studio and take photographs… so that will provide a bit of prep!



Weddings are trickling in nicely next year too – the year looks prosperous! I hope to photograph bits and pieces in between and share the images that I can, so keep checking back! For now enjoy a bit of winter sunshine, and Buddy!



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“They sicken of the calm who know the storm.”
― Dorothy Parker

Before ‘St Jude’ batters all the leaves from the trees, we had a last minute dash to Saverake Forest in Marlborough to the Avenue of Autumn Trees to try and capture some shots. It was quite beautiful – and surprisingly calm given all the hype about the weather. Maybe I’ll be eating my words by the morning…




Of course, Buddy had to come too. He’s been everywhere with me this past week (mostly!) He even spent two days in the office at work and of course absolutely loved every second of the attention, scraps of food and general lordship that he was able to have over everybody. Plus the fact that every time somebody went out for a cigarette, they took him for a walk too!




So we took him as well, and in return we had him pose for us a couple of times amongst the Autumn leaves. He didn’t grumble…too much!




Savernake is a beautiful but extensive Forest. Roads and trails lead off from all angles and there’s so much to explore. We didn’t stay around too long as the acorns and conkers were starting to fall from the trees – definitely a painful experience! Plus the conkers were incredible…they looked like tiny hedgehogs on the ground and the forest floors were littered with them…

1Anyway, according to news reports we are supposed to prepare to be without power, water, electricity and every other necessity going (including internet of course!) by morning, so I better post this before it’s too late…! Even Michael Fish has come out of retirement to offer his words of wisdom for this storm… we shall see!


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