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It’s the sort of day when Facebook and Twitter become more reliable with weather reports than the actual weather forecasters and local media. Snow covers all of the UK according to many newspapers, when actually, it just covered a small part! I know it’s not the best shot due to being through a salt splattered windscreen – but I had to share the sunset this evening…



I woke up early to go to the gym and was disappointed to find there wasn’t even enough snow to scrape off of the car. However when we got into town it was a real blizzard, practically rendering driving impossible and…Okay who am I kidding? It hasn’t stopped raining since 9am!


So what to do when you wanted snow so you could take awesome photographs? Make snow yourself! Problem solved, thank to a lovely bird table that my parents got for Christmas, and the even lovelier photoshop – snow is here!


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“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”
― Alan Wilson Watts

Some of the most unique shots are taken whilst perched on a tiny wall, with bare feet and rain pouring down….Right? Maybe! I hope I got something a bit different today whilst risking my cold developing even more into the dreaded flu and risking falling to certain death off of the wall.

I may be exaggerating a little. But really, with only 40 days left of this challenge (approximately) it’s time to get a bit more unique and unearth the things that aren’t usually seen. So it’s worth getting creative!

The tone of the images captures today wonderfully, lights required to do any work, lots of rain, dark, blue, dull…November in a nutshell!

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