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“Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we’d have frozen to death.”
~ Mark Twain

As we move from the oranges of Autumn into the crisp whites and blues of a frosty November I realise that my enthusiasm for October has now been replaced by an enthusiasm for frost. So be warned – my most popular tag for the past month was Autumn – that’s soon to be replaced!

I love Winter and I love Christmas, but sometimes the weeks leading up to it are filled with a rush of shopping, sorting and preparing. This time, I’m organised in advance so that the few weeks I get off are full of relaxation (hopefully) and enjoying the time of year.

It’s important, sometimes, to sit back and relax – if only for a few minutes. To aid me (hopefully again) is a winter playlist I’ve created from a selection of seasonal music. Not so much Christmas – just wintery. Sarah McLachlan has some amazing wintery mood music. I appreciate any suggestions of additions too!

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“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”
― Robert Frost

If my camera had an in-built temperature reading device thingy, it would be shivering right now! Today has been cold and it started with a very heavy frost, something that is usually rare the day after bonfire night!

I found a leaf, just the one leaf, balanced quite neatly on my parents car. So when I headed out to go shopping in -1 degrees air (that’s right! And this is England!) I decided to snap a few bits as I went.

I started the Christmas shopping in earnest today, which was a great diversion from uni book reading and essay writing (back to that tomorrow though!) I was amazed at how quickly the shops made a turn around from Halloween and Bonfire night and launched straight into Christmas. Baffling how they manage it overnight!

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