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 “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”
― A.A.Milne

We’ve said goodbye to our dogs before, and have left them safely with the vet after we’ve done our farewells. But there was something about Star, and her dedication to the meadow, that meant something different had to be done this time. Whilst we’re not overly spiritual people, we decided to have her ashes back after her cremation, and take her back to the place where she was at her happiest.


So we made an afternoon of it and picked the remaining stock of blackberries, some conkers and some meadow mint. We ventured around the whole meadow, exploring all the bits that haven’t been seen for a while. Then we set Star’s spirit free so to speak, and scattered her ashes across her most favourite meadow parts.


It was a nice afternoon, and it was good to say goodbye in this way and feel that we were still retaining a part of the doggy that we love so much. She’s back where she belongs now too, and whilst many may find this blog entry slightly morbid – it’s another chapter in the ongoing book of life. And of course, what would a blog entry be without Buddy…


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